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Director Title Format Cert Cat No.


Yen Tan1985 DVD TBC EC1106
Yann GonzalezYou And The Night Double Disc 18 EC1026
Yann GonzalezYou And The Night DVD 18 EC1024
Yair HochnerAntarctica DVD 18 PPD165


William FairmanChemsex DVD 18
Wendy Jo CarltonJamie and Jessie are Not Together DVD 15 PPD245


Umut DagKuma (The Second Wife) DVD 12 EC1009


Travis MathewsI Want Your Love DVD 18
Travis MathewsInterior. Leather Bar DVD 18 PPD286
Travis MathewsIn Their Room DVD 18 PPD328
Travis MathewsDiscreet DVD 15
Travis FineAny Day Now - 15
Tony GatlifTransylvania DVD 15 EC1006
Tonie MarshallWoman Up (Numero Une) -
Till KleinertThe Samurai DVD 15 EC1028
Till KleinertBoys on Film 2: In Too Deep DVD 18 PPD163
Till KleinertBoys on Film presents: They Come At Night, Mostly DVD* 18
Tamer RuggliBoys On Film - Bad Romance DVD 18 PPD223


Steve McLeanPostcards From London DVD tbc EC1099
Steve McLeanPostcards From London Blu-ray tbc EC1107 (Blu-ray)
Stephen Dunn Closet Monster EC1054
Stephan LacantFree Fall DVD 15 PPD289
Sophie Hyde52 Tuesdays DVD 15
Simon SavoryBruno & Earlene Go To Vegas DVD 15 PPD293
Simon Napier-Bell50 Years Legal DVD EC1083
Sheldon LarryLeave It On The Floor DVD 15 PPD248
Shaleece HaasReal Boy - 15 TBC
Sebastien LifshitzLes Invisibles DVD Exempt PPD277
Sabine BernardiRomeos DVD 15 PPD254


Rodney EvansBrother To Brother DVD 15 PPD202
Robyn DettmanWe Have To Stop Now DVD 15 PPD199
Robin CampilloEastern Boys DVD TBC EC1090
Robin CampilloEastern Boys Blu-ray TBC EC1097
Robert Hawk Boys On Film 12 - Confession DVD 18 PPD324
Rikki Beadle-BlairBashment DVD 18
Rikki Beadle-BlairKickOff DVD 15 PPD206
Rikki Beadle-BlairFIT DVD 12 PPD193
Richard LeMayWhirlwind DVD 15 PPD177


Philip J ConnellKissing Drew DVD*
Paul OremlandLike It Is / Surveillance - 18
Patrick McGuinnSunkissed DVD 18 PPD150
Panos H.KoutrasXenia DVD EC1045
P. David EbersoleHit So Hard DVD Exempt PPD263
P. David EbersoleMansfield 66/67 DVD EC1084


Olivier DucastelMa Vie (My Life on Ice) DVD* 15 EC1094
Olivier DucastelBorn in 68 DVD 15 PPD164
Olivier DucastelDrole De Felix DVD* EC1093
Olivier DucastelTheo and Hugo DVD EC1056
Olivier DucastelTheo and Hugo Blu-ray
Oliver HermanusBeauty DVD 18 PPD257
Olga ChajdasNINA - tbc


Nicole ConnA Perfect Ending DVD 15 PPD267
Nicole ConnElena Undone DVD 15 PPD204
Nicole ConnClaire of the Moon DVD 18 PPD222
Nickolas BirdRemembering The Man DVD 15 TBC EC1065
Neil ElyMirrors DVD*
Neil ArmfieldHolding The Man DVD 15 EC1049
Ned FarrA Marine Story DVD 15 PPD213
Nanouk LeopoldIt's All So Quiet DVD PPD296


Monika TreutOf Girls and Horses DVD 12 TBC PPD333
Mischa KampBoys DVD PG for Feature: Boys | 18 for Short: Even Cowboys Get To Cry PPD323
Mika KaurismäkiThe Girl King DVD 15 (tbc) EC1046
Michael BaumgartenThe Guest House DVD PPD253
Maysaloun HamoudIn Between DVD EC1075
Matthew MishoryA Portrait Of James Dean: Joshua Tree 1951 DVD 15 PPD274
Maryam KeshavarzCircumstance DVD PPD261
Mark JamesVampire Diary DVD BCAT003
Mark HarriottAmen Island DVD 18 EC1058
Mark HarriottUnhappy Birthday DVD 18 PPD235
Marco KreuzpaintnerKrabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill DVD 12 EC1001
Marcelo CaetanoBody Electric DVD 15 EC1069
Marcel GislerMario DVD TBC EC1088
Malu de MartinoSo Hard To Forget DVD 15 PPD242
Malgoska Szumowska In The Name Of DVD 15 PPD291
Madeleine OlnekCodependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same DVD 12 PPD264


Lucia PuenzoThe German Doctor DVD 12A EC1047
Lucia PuenzoWakolda DVD 12A EC1012
Lisa GornickThe Book of Gabrielle DVD 15 EC1077
Lisa AschanShe Monkeys DVD 12 PPD259
Ligy J PullappallyThe Journey DVD PG PPD270
Leslie BumgarnerSurprise DVD*
Leslie BumgarnerBoys on Film 13 - Trick & Treat DVD PPD332
Leon LopezSoft Lad DVD 15
Lea PoolLost and Delirious DVD 18 EC1086
Lazlo and Dylan TonkCaged DVD*
Laurie Colbert & Dominique CardonaMargarita DVD 15 PPD284
Laurie Colbert & Dominique CardonaFinn's Girl DVD 15 PPD147
Laure CharpentierGigola DVD 15 PPD230


Kate JohnstonTru Love DVD 15 PPD325
Kaspar HeidelbachBerlin 36 DVD PG PPD251
Karin AlbouThe Wedding Song DVD 15 PPD195
Karim AinouzFuturo Beach DVD 15 PPD331
Kanchi WichmannMixed Messages DVD EC1072
Kanchi WichmannBreak My Fall DVD 15 PPD224


July JungA Girl At My Door DVD 15
Julián Hernández Broken Sky DVD 15 PPD121
Julián Hernández I Am Happiness On Earth DVD 18 PPD297
Julio Jorquera ArriagadaMy Last Round DVD 15 PPD244
Julia SolomonoffThe Last Summer of La Boyita DVD 12 PPD241
Joseph GrahamBeautiful Something DVD 15 PPD343
Joseph F LovettGay Sex In The 70s DVD 18 PPD192
Jonathan LiseckiGayby DVD 15 PPD268
Jonas CarpignanoThe Ciambra DVD 15 EC1082
John TrengoveThe Wound DVD 15
Joachim LafosseOur Children DVD 15 EC1007
Joachim LafosseOur Children Blu-ray 15 EC1008
Jeffrey SchwarzVito DVD E PPD269
Jeffrey SchwarzI Am Divine DVD 15 PPD322
Jean Claude SchlimHouse of Boys DVD 18 PPD229
Jason DavittVampires Brighter In Darkness DVD 15 BCAT008
James BoltonDream Boy DVD 15 PPD152
Jacques NolotBefore I Forget DVD 15 PPD155
Jacob BrownBoys On Film X DVD 18 PPD290


Ira SachsKeep The Lights On DVD 18 PPD266
Ira SachsKeep The Lights On Blu-ray 18 PPDB007


Hope Dickson LeachThe Levelling DVD 15 EC1068
Hope Dickson LeachThe Levelling Blu-ray 15 EC1071
Hong KhaouBoys on Film 1: Hard Love DVD 18 PPD156
Henry CoombesSeat in Shadow DVD EC1073
Hans HerbotsThe Treatment DVD 18 EC1031
Hans HerbotsThe Treatment Blu-ray 18 PPDB014


Gérald Hustache-MathieuAvril DVD 15 PPD139
Greta SchillerBefore Stonewall DVD 15 PPD161
Greg ArakiTotally F***ed Up DVD 18 PPD227
Glenn GaylordI Do DVD 15 PPD287


Frank RipplohTaxi Zum Klo DVD 18 PPD215
Fiona Cunningham-ReidCrocADyke Dundee - Wine Women & Friends DVD 15 EC1033
Fiona Cunnigham-ReidWine Women & Friends DVD 15 EC1033
Ferzan OzpetekA Magnificent Haunting DVD 15 EC1016
Ferzan OzpetekLoose Cannons DVD 12 PPD207


Eytan FoxYossi DVD 15 PPD265
Ethan ReidPeter de Rome DVD 18 EC1044
Ellen Seidler And Then Came Lola DVD 15 PPD184
Eliza HittmanBeach Rats DVD 15 EC1082
Eldar RapaportAugust DVD 15 PPD243


Dominic LeclercBoys on Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want DVD 18 PPD185
Dome KarukoskiTom of Finland LTD Edition EC1079 (ltd edition)
Dome KarukoskiTom of Finland DVD EC1078
Diemo KimmesiesSilent Youth DVD PPD330
Diego Quemada-Díez The Golden Dream DVD 12 EC1011
Desiree AkhavanAppropriate Behaviour DVD TBC EC1029
Dennis TodorovicSasha DVD 15 PPD234
Deb ShovalGirls On Film - The First Date DVD 15 PPD319
Dean FrancisDrown DVD 18 EC1038
David WardBoys On Film 8 - Cruel Britannia DVD 18 PPD239
David LambertBeyond The Walls - 15
David HoyleUncle David DVD 18 PPD236
Darwin SerinkBoys On Film 14: Worlds Collide DVD 18
Darren SteinG.B.F DVD 15 EC1019
Darren SteinG.B.F Blu-ray 15 EC1020
Daniel RibeiroThe Way He Looks DVD TBC PPD320
Dan ConnollyVis-A-Vis DVD*


Céline SciammaTomboy DVD U PPD237
Céline SciammaTomboy Blu-ray U PPDB004
Craig BorehamBoys On Film 6 - Pacific Rim DVD 18 PPD210
Cory KrueckebergGetting Go: The Go Doc Project DVD 18 PPD317
Constanza Fernández A Map For Love DVD 15 PPD272
Connor ClementsBoys on Film 5: Candy Boy DVD 18 PPD197
Colin RothbartDressed As A Girl DVD 18 PPD339
Ciro GuerraEmbrace of the Serpent DVD EC1050
Ciro GuerraEmbrace of the Serpent Blu-ray EC1051 Blu-ray
Christopher R. BrownRemission DVD*
Christophe HonoreMan at Bath DVD 18 PPD220
Christoph BehlWhat's Left Of Us DVD 18
Christian FaureJust A Question Of Love DVD 15 MMD049
Chris Mason JohnsonTest DVD 15 PPD318
Cheryl Newbrough The Passion Trilogy DVD 18 PPD168
Cheryl DunyeThe Watermelon Woman DVD 15 EC1095
Charlie FrancisMiddle Man DVD*
Casper AndreasGoing Down In La La Land DVD 15 PPD250
Carl MedlandThe Cost of Love DVD 18 PPD231
Carl MedlandThe Adored DVD 15 BCAT009
Campbell XStud Life DVD 18 PPD279
Camille Vidal-NaquetSAUVAGE - 18 (tbc)


Bryan HorchBoys On Film 11 - We Are Animals DVD 18 PPD298
Bruno Barreto Reaching For The Moon DVD 12
Bruce LaBruceThe Raspberry Reich DVD 18 5060018654010
Bruce LaBruceOtto; or Up With Dead People DVD 18 PPD198
Bruce LaBruceSkin Flick DVD 18 BCAT002
Bruce LaBruceHustler White DVD 18 PPD162
Brillante MendozaThe Masseur DVD 15 PPD132
Brian Fairbairn Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied DVD 18 PPD342
Blandine LenoirI GOT LIFE! (Aurore) DVD 15 EC1085
Bavo DefurneNorth Sea Texas DVD 15 PPD256
Bavo DefurneBoys on Film Presents: Campfire DVD 12 EC1048
Barak Heymann & Tomer HeymannWho's Gonna Love Me Now? DVD 15 EC1061


Aureus SolitoThe Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros DVD 15 PPD124
Asaf KormanNext To Her DVD 15 EC1040
Antonio PiazzaSalvo DVD 15 EC1013
Antonio Manetti, Marco ManettiThe Arrival of Wang DVD 15 EC1004
Annemarie van de MondJUST FRIENDS -
Anne FontaineReinventing Marvin DVD
Anna NolskogBoygame DVD*
Anna Margarita AlbeloThe Owls and Hooters DVD 15 PPD216
Anna Margarita AlbeloWho's Afraid Of Vagina Wolf DVD 15 PPD321
Andrew SteggallDeparture DVD 15
Andrew HaighWeekend Blu-ray 18 PPDB006
Andrew HaighWeekend DVD 18
Andrew HaighGreek Pete DVD 18 PPD169
Alix DelaporteAngel and Tony DVD 15 EC1003
Ali SoozandehTehran Taboo - 15 (tbc)
Alexandra-Therese KeiningGirls Lost DVD 15 EC1055
Alain GuiraudieKing of Escape DVD TBC PPD326
Alain GuiraudieStranger By The Lake DVD 18 PPD295
Alain GuiraudieStranger By The Lake Blu-ray 18 PPDB009
Adam SalkyBoys on Film 3: American Boy DVD 18 PPD174
Aaron Douglas JohnstonBumblef*ck USA DVD 15 PPD247


 The Slope Series 2B (Episodes 5-8) DVD*
 OUT EC1109
 Deep Water DVD 15 EC1063
 Deep Water Blu-ray 15 EC1064
 The Slope Series 1A (Episodes 1-4) DVD*
 Boys on Film 17 : Love is the Drug DVD 18 EC1076
 Girls On Film 2: Before Dawn DVD TBC
 Boys On Film 16: Possession DVD 18
 We Were Here DVD E PPD232
 The Slope Series 2A (Episodes 1-4) DVD*
 The Slope Series 1B (Episodes 5-8) DVD*
 B & B DVD TBC EC1070
 Girls on Film 3 - Goddesses -