Hustler White

"Sunset Boulevard injected with the collected juices of Kenneth Anger and David Lynch... a classic of its genre" - The List

Directors: Bruce LaBruce, Rick Castro

Writer: Rick Castro, Bruce LaBruce

Stars: Tony Ward, Alex Austin, Kevin Kramer, Bruce LaBruce


Inspired by Billy Wilder`s classic Sunset Blvd. and directed by that notorious director of all things gay, perverse and political, this is the ten year anniversary edition of Bruce LaBruce’s cult sensation, Hustler White, a white-trash sensation that serves up a fresh dose of the seedy and the needy on Santa Monica Boulevard. Madonna’s one-time toy boy and LaBruce muse Tony Ward takes the lead as Monti, a street-wise and drop-dead-gorgeous hustler who catches the eye of roaming out of towner Jürgen (Bruce LaBruce).

As Jürgen pursues his new-found crush he stumbles upon a tantalisingly bizarre array of LA’s weirdest residents, including a born again country singer, a razor blade masochist, a mortician cum dominatrix and an amputee fetishist. Hustler White is an old-fashioned love story wrapped up in titillation, depravity and the most mind-bending of back room shenanigans.

  • "Dirty, sick, witty and utterly original... Bruce LaBruce's finest moments"
  • "Deliciously and disturbingly sexy. A real three hanky job"
  • "Dangerously provocative!
    -Time Out
  • "Disgusting, sick, filthy, pornographic and scary"
    -Mail on Sunday
  • "The wittiest and most erotic film you'll see this year!
    -The Observer
Cast: Tony Ward, Alex Austin, Kevin Kramer, Bruce LaBruce
Directors: Bruce LaBruce, Rick Castro
Writers: Rick Castro, Bruce LaBruce
Country: Canada
Language: English
Format: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 1.44:1
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 80 mins
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
DVD Release Date: 29-06-2009
VoD Release Date: 29-06-2009
DVD Extras: 3-way Retrospective - Bruce and two hustlers, Photo Gallery
Dvd Catalogue Number: 5060018651620
Year: 1996
Producers: Jurgen Bruning, Bruce LaBruce, Jim Booth
Editor: Rider Siphron

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