CICADA is based on Director Matthew Fifer’s own life experiences. Together with Kieran Mulcare, their film tackles the complexity of sexuality and self-discovery.

Thirty-something New Yorker Ben (Matthew Fifer) is stuck in life – between meaningless hook-ups and awkward sessions with his free- spirited therapist, Sophie (Cobie Smulders, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER).

Things change when he meets Sam (Sheldon D Brown), a handsome stranger with whom he forms an immediate connection. They spend the summer getting to know each other. Yet as they get closer the cracks begin to show. They begin to realise that they need to work on themselves if they are to truly let the other person in.

Cicada DVD Extras:

  • Behind the Scenes Gallery

  • UK Theatrical Trailer

Cast: Matthew Fifer, Sheldon D. Brown, Cobie Smulders, Scott Adsit, Michael Potts, David Burtka, Rain Dove
Directors: Matthew Fifer, Kieran Mulcare
Writers: Sheldon D. Brown, Matthew Fifer
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 97 mins
Release Date: 21-01-2022
Year: 2021