Greek Pete

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From Andrew Haigh, director of 45 YEARS, WEEKEND and HBO's LOOKING, comes GREEK PETE, his very first feature film.

Director: Andrew Haigh

Stars: Peter Pittaros, Lewis Wallis


From Andrew Haigh, director of 45 YEARS, WEEKEND and HBO’s LOOKING, comes GREEK PETE, his very first feature film.

Pete arrives in London with the hope of increasing his business as an escort, always up for it and always horny, a fantasy for those willing to pay. Not only is the money better in the big city, there are more opportunities to be had and Pete has goals and ambitions. He wants a flat in central London, a decent laptop and some good promotional photos to help with trade. If he works hard and becomes the best escort that he can be, perhaps a nomination at the ‘World Escort Awards’ in Los Angeles could be more than just a vague dream. His plans get complicated when he meets LondonboyKai, a fellow escort on the scene, and starts a relationship. While Pete can easily separate his job from his love life, Kai has a harder time sharing his boyfriend with clients. Both are searching for very different things in life.

Greek Pete was filmed over a year using guys working within and around the sex industry and the story is a fictional representation of their world. The process blurs the boundary between fiction and documentary, giving an authentic and intimate insight into the boys’ lives, their friends, relationships and clients. Honest, non-judgemental and sometimes explicit, the film aims to create a portrait of a sub-culture hidden from view.

  • 'Gritty and unglamorous... humane and occasionally'd be a bastard not to cheer Pete on to victory'
    -The Skinny
  • 'Full of honesty, real affection, real sex and often shocking realism.'

  • 'A groundbreaking insight into the world of London rent boys'
    -The List
Cast: Peter Pittaros, Lewis Wallis
Director: Andrew Haigh
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 75 mins
DVD Release Date: 21-09-2009
DVD Extras: Interview with director Andrew Haigh, deleted scenes
Dvd Catalogue Number: 5060018651699
Year: 2009