Legendary Children

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Director: Rob Falconer


LEGENDARY CHILDREN [ALL OF THEM QUEER] follows many of the original Gay Liberation Front pioneers of the 1972 and first European Pride March during events over the summer of Pride 50 when the UK marked its 50th anniversary in spectacular style. The headline cast encompasses some genuinely influential figures in LGBTQIA+ rights activism and its history, there at the very start when Pride took its first steps in Europe. We won’t quite see their like again. Titled after Holly Johnson’s iconic song (and with his personal and full support) the film is not a history lesson, but a lively, first-hand recollection of many stages along the way of 50 years of activism, from the mouths of those who were there.

Director: Rob Falconer
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Certificate: TBC
Running Time: 39 mins
Year: 2023