Of Girls and Horses

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A lesbian coming-of-age drama about the strength and beauty of girls and horses. Available from 27th July.

Director: Monika Treut

Stars: Ceci Chuh, Alissa Wilms, Vanida Karun


Rebellious Alex is running out of chances, so her parents send her to work for the summer at a horse ranch in the German countryside. It is initially Alex’s worst nightmare as she is forced to work hard and care for something other than herself. When Kathy, a shy girl, arrives at the ranch she ignites feelings in Alex that go beyond friendship. As Alex grows closer to Kathy, and learns to look after the beautiful horses around her, Alex begins to grow up and feel hopeful for the future.

Drawing out nuanced performances from her leads and expertly capturing the stunning rural landscape, OF GIRLS AND HORSES is a beautifully filmed coming of age tale and Monika Treut’s finest film to date.


  • "This film turns toward youth, toward innocence, beauty and power as they exist in nature"
  • "A well-deserved round of applause for encapsulating a simply stunning coming-of-age story"
    -Planet London
Cast: Ceci Chuh, Alissa Wilms, Vanida Karun
Director: Monika Treut
Country: Germany
Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English
Certificate: 12 TBC
Running Time: 82
DVD Release Date: 27-07-2015
VoD Release Date: 27-07-2015
Dvd Catalogue Number: 5060018653334
Year: 2014