Caz (Elz Davis) returns home to the small dairy farming community of Rūrangi, New Zealand, seeking to rebuild relationships with his friends and estranged father.

Following a decade of no contact, at first, they do not recognise him and struggle to accept his decision to leave. Ten years is a long time, and a lot has changed. His childhood best friend, Anahera (Awahina Rose Ashby), is trying to re-connect with her Māori heritage. His Father (Kirk Torrance) is still processing the death of Caz’s mother, whilst caught in an environmental fight which is dividing the town. Returning was never going to be easy but eventually, as wounds begin to heal, old flames rekindle, and his loved ones start to understand his decision to leave.

Winner of the Frameline Audience Award, Max Currie’s critically acclaimed RŪRANGI is a powerful and authentic story interweaving themes of environmentalism, identity, and the strength of finding acceptance. This film exemplifies why more trans representation is needed in cinema.

Rūrangi DVD Extras:

  • Behind the Scenes with Star Elz Carrad
  • Kaupapa – Our Process
  • UK Theatrical Trailer
  • Rūrangi Original Series – UK DVD Exclusive
Cast: Elz Carrard, Arlo Green, Āwhina-Rose Henare Ashby, Kirk Torrance
Director: Maxwell Currie
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 2:1
Running Time: 90
Sound: 5.1
Release Date: 25-02-2022
Year: 2020
Producer: Tweedie Waititi