Kaspar Heidelbach

Kaspar Heidelbach first gained attention with the six-part TV series Leo und Charlotte in 1991.  He has directed episodes of many  popular TV crime dramas such as A Case for Two (1986-92), Wolff’s Turf (1992), Lindenstrasse (1995) and current series Tartout (2013).

His directorial film debut was Nie mehr zweite Liga (2000), starring Peter Lohmeyer, Jochen Nickel and Dietmar Bär.

Heidelbach further garnered praise with the lavish historical  drama A Light in Dark Places (2003), for which he won the Bavarian Television Award and the Grimme Award. Other films include the successful family comedy Theo, Agnes, Bibi und die anderen (2007) as well as the relationship TV drama Die Katze (2007) with Götz George and Hannelore Hoger in the lead roles.

In spring 2008 Heidelbach directed Es liegt mir auf der Zunge in which Jan Josef Liefers plays the first TV chef of the then young West Germany, Clemens Wilmenrod.

Following BERLIN ’36, Heidelbach begun working on his next feature film BESONDERE SCHWERE DER SCHULD with Götz George in the lead role.