Kate Johnston

At the age of nine Kate won her first award —a Porky the Pig handpuppet for track. It’s been uphill ever since. Kate has led an interesting and varied life to date. She spent her childhood in her dad’s projection booths on remote military bases in Canada. She’s been a crisis counselor, worked with youth at risk and has extensively studied acting, writing, and producing for theatre and film. She has performed and developed numerous plays for the Canadian stage, working with such acclaimed companies as Nightwood Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and The Caravan Stage Company.

In film, she has associate-produced Margarita, the award-winning feature film directed by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert. She produced Chris Chew’s short films, Slow Burn and Click, which have been screened internationally. She wrote, directed and produced her own short film Stormcloud, which just had its world premiere at Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto and has also been screened internationally. TRU LOVE is Kate’s debut as a feature film director, writer and producer. She believes in using her super powers for good.