Diemo Kemmesies

SILENT YOUTH is the second feature-length film by Diemo Kemmesies, and his graduation piece at the film school filmArche in Berlin. Diemo comes from Cottbus in eastern Germany. After his apprenticeship as an electrician, he worked for a cultural magazine while studying electrical engineering. At the same time he began acting in a theatre company and made his firs steps in directing for the stage. In 2005 he moved to Berlin to study editing and directing.

He began with film making experiments and soon after finished his first works as a film director and editor. His short film ‘Jeder Seins’ set in East Germany after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, achieved festival recognition. His first feature length film, HUMAN KAPITAL, produced in 2008, talks about different world views, causing the local separation between middle class citizens (OR bourgeoisie) and working class.

Subsequently he made an experimental film and edited various short films. Ever since his first film there’s been a close cooperation with director of photography Albrechy von Grunhagen, who also photographed SILENT YOUTH.