A perfect stranger. The boy next door. A sparring partner. A friend from abroad. Boys on Film presents ten encounters from across the globe, where the dangerous allure of a risky attraction yields emotional results – proving that the age-old adage of taking the plunge is as relevant – and sexy – as ever before. Featuring Zachary Quinto (Star Trek‘s Spock).

  • MY UNCLE’S FRIEND (Brazil, 9 mins) Dir. Renato Turnes
  • BUDAPEST CLOSED CITY (Hungary, 13 mins) Dir. Máté Konkol
  • EDEN (Belgium, 17 mins) Dir. Sven Spur
  • CHAPERONE (USA, 16 mins) Dir. Sam Max
  • BREAK ME (Norway, 15 mins) Dir. Israsj Asanti
  • BY HIS WILL (Israel, 16 mins) Dir. Uriel Torten
  • RED ANTS BITE (Georgia, 23 mins) Dir. Elene Naveriani
  • HORNBEAM (UK, 17 mins) Dir. Mark Pluck
  • JIM (UK, 15 mins) Dir. Tom Young
  • TOO ROUGH (UK, 15 mins) Dir. Sean Lìonadh

DVD / Blu-ray Extras:

  • Interview with Director Sven Spur (EDEN)
  • Interview with Director Sean Lìonadh (TOO ROUGH)
Cast: Zachary Quinto
Directors: Renato Turnes, Máté Konkol, Sven Spur, Sam Max, Uriel Torten, Irasj Asanti, Elene Naveriani, Mark Pluck, Tom Young, Sean Lìonadh
Country: UK, USA, Brazil, Hungary, Belgium, Israel, Norway, Georgia
Language: English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hebrew, Norwegian, Arabic
Subtitles: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 159 mins
Year: 2023