Steve McLean

Steve McLean studied politics and philosophy at the University of East Anglia. Everything was going according to plan, until one day he enrolled in a “History of Film” class where he was exposed to Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. On returning to London, he pursued his new found interest in the visual arts by working in the Art Department on commercials and music videos.

Over the years Steve worked with artists such as George Michael, The Communards, and Depeche Mode. He then directed pop videos for, amongst others, Jimmy Sommerville.

Steve moved to New York to develop a feature project based on the writings of the American artist David Wojnarowitz. The critically acclaimed film – ‘Postcards From America’ – produced by Christine Vachon at Killer Films – played in competition at Sundance, Berlin and The New York Film Festival.

Following the success of Postcards From America, Steve found himself working in other fields, until a chance meeting with Lizzie Francke, one of the Senior Film Fund Execs at the BFI. The meeting ignited Steve’s passion for film once more, and with the financial and creative support of Lizzie and the BFI, Steve created Postcards From London. POSTCARDS FROM LONDON is his second feature.