Eytan Fox

Eytan Fox was born in New York City, but as a child relocated with his family to Israel. He grew up in Jerusalem and studied at Tel Aviv University’s School of Film and Television. His first film, TIME OFF, a 45-minute drama about sexual identity in the Israeli army, won the first prize at the Munich international student film festival and led to the making of his first feature, SONG OF THE SIREN, a romantic comedy about life in Tel Aviv during the Gulf war.

The film became Israel’s biggest box office success in 1994 and was Fox’s first time at the Berlin Film Festival. It was shown on TV worldwide, including Germany’s ARD and Frances’s Arte. In 1997, Fox created the prize winning TV drama series FLORENTINE, which examined the life of young people in Tel Aviv before and after the Rabin assassination. In 2002, Fox directed the acclaimed YOSSI & JAGGER, which became an immediate critical and box office success in Israel. Premiering at Berlinale in 2003, it went on to become a worldwide box office and DVD success. It was an instant hit in NY and other major cities in the US, and remained on Stephen Holden’s “recommended” list in the New York Times for over a month. YOSSI & JAGGER continues to enjoy a cult-like status around the world.

In 2004, Fox’s film WALK ON WATER premiered at the Berlinale and became the most successful Israeli film ever abroad. Released in over 25 countries, it’s the story of a Mossad secret service agent who befriends the gay grandson of an ex-Nazi officer was later nominated for Best Foreign Film in the 2006 French César Awards. His next hit, THE BUBBLE, enjoyed a worldwide premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, followed by a successful European premiere at Berlinale. Telling the story of two men who fall in love, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, the film moved audiences around the world and won over 20 jury and audience awards.

In 2009, Fox directed the Israeli Emmy Award winning musical mini-series MARY LOU. Based on the songs of famous Israeli singer, Tzvika Pik, the modern fable with a musical message tells the story of a young homosexual who goes to Tel Aviv to find his estranged mother and ends up finding himself. MARY LOU has enjoyed both local and worldwide success, with continued demand at both festivals and on DVD. 2014 celebrates the release of feel-good hit CUPCAKES; a musical comedy inspired by his experiences of the Eurovision song contest.