Jenn and Matt are best friends from college who once made a pact. Now in their thirties, Jenn is a hopeless single, spending her days teaching ‘hot yoga’ and running errands for her boss and Matt turned out to be her gay best friend. Unable to get over his ex-boyfriend, Matt has withdrawn into his comic-bookstore job.

When Jenn decides to hold Matt to his promise of having a baby with her, it seems like the right idea at the right time. With Jenn untrusting of fertility doctors, and Matt boastful of being “a guy” and able to have sex with anyone, they decide to fulfill a youthful promise… the old-fashioned way.
Hilarious and witty, Gayby follows the pair as they navigate the unexpected snags along the way in attempting to get their lives back on track and the trauma of preparation for parenthood. This is the Will and Grace for a new generation – sex with your best friend has never been so reproductive.

  • "Smart, funny and very sexy"
  • "A fast-paced, fresh and hilarious take on modern gay life that will undoubtedly give you a warm anf fuzzy feeling inside!"
    -Midlands Zone
Cast: Jenn Harris, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Matthew Wilkas, Christian Coulson
Director: Jonathan Lisecki
Writer: Jonathan Lisecki
Country: USA
Language: English
Format: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 89 mins
Sound: Stereo
DVD Release Date: 11-03-2013
VoD Release Date: 11-03-2013
DVD Extras: Audio Commentary | Deleted Scenes | Gayby Gag Reel | Original Gayby Short Film
Dvd Catalogue Number: 5060018652689
Year: 2012

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