Concerned Citizen

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Director: Idan Haguel

Stars: Ariel Wolf, Shlomi Bertonov


CONCERNED CITIZEN a film by Idan Haguel

In this wickedly funny and biting satire of middle-class mores, liberal gay man Ben moves with his partner to an apartment in a run down but up-and-coming neighbourhood. In an effort to improve the area Ben plants a tree outside his building, a good deed which unwittingly triggers a series of events that result in the brutal arrest of an Eritrean immigrant. Guilt stricken and with his vision of himself and his society shaken, Ben experiences a crisis that threatens to destroy his relationship and aspirations of fatherhood.

Writer-director Idan Haguel’s dark comedy mercilessly dissects the insidious ways in which privilege and entitlement can unleash the prejudice within.

Berlin International Film Festival – Panorama Audience Award, Feature Film (Nominee); Teddy, Best Feature Film (Nominee)

Jerusalem Film Festival – Yossi Molla Award for Music (Winner), Haggiag Competition for Full-Length Israeli Feature Films (Nominee)

Cast: Ariel Wolf, Shlomi Bertonov
Director: Idan Haguel
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 82 mins
Year: 2022