A hedonistic night of sex and drugs-fuelled excess spins dangerously out of control in Nitzan Giladi’s pulse-pounding erotic thriller, IN BED. When the city’s Gay Pride Parade celebration is shattered by a sudden act of violence, friends Guy and Joy take cover at Guy’s apartment, en-route picking up a fellow parade-goer, Dan. Though in shock at the day’s events, but bolstered by a stash of recreational drugs, Guy is determined to carry on partying and get close to the mysterious and handsome Dan. What follows is a hallucinatory 24 hours of sex, substance abuse and paranoia, in which the lines between reality, intimacy and violence become alarmingly blurred.

Cast: Israel Ogalbo, Dean Miroshnikov, Moran Rosenblatt
Director: Nitzan Gilady
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Certificate: TBC
Running Time: 85 mins
Year: 2023