The necessity of LOLA AND THE SEA

Equality is something that we all strive for. With the LGBTQI+ community we know that things have improved for us considerably since 1967 but could we honestly say that we are “equal”?

We have a film that is shooting in New Zealand next year and one of its themes is the Anglican church and homosexuality, in research for the film the director has interviewed gay vicars in the UK church and an interesting line came from one respondent “we are allowed to bless Nuclear Submarines but not a loving gay relationship!”

This is a very open form of discrimination, one that we all live with. And it is perhaps LGBTQI+ youth who suffer inequality and discrimination the most. Far too many young people take their lives because of “sexuality”, sadly at a young age most do not have the support network that we create as we grow older. And out of all of those young people it is trans youth who have the largest hurdles to overcome. For those of us who are not trans it is very easy to not notice the casual discrimination that trans people are subject to on a daily basis. And the mention of “trans” tends to be the moment that many people switch off and lose interest – but bear with us.

We would love to take you on a journey and while the subject is an 18-year-old trans girl it is a universal story, in effect LOLA AND THE SEA is a family drama between father and daughter, it is a road movie and while the ending is uplifting it is also very honest – there is no easy option. And that’s why we loved it.

So cast aside any doubts you may have, open your heart and join us with Lola and experience the world through her eyes. You won’t be disappointed. By the way, LOLA AND THE SEA has a truly awesome soundtrack.

  • A note from team Peccadillo x 

Just in case you need more convincing we hosted a live Peccadillo Sofa Club Q&A where we were joined by LOLA AND THE SEA director Laurent Michelli, lead actress Mya Bollaers hosted by the great Campbell X.

It’s available to view here if you missed it – these were some of our favourite reactions:

We are so very proud of this independent film and can’t wait for you all to see it.

LOLA AND THE SEA is Out Now on Peccadillo POD.