MY FIRST SUMMER Director Katie Found’s Firsts


The Peccadillo team sat down with MY FIRST SUMMER’s director, Katie Found, to learn more about her life firsts.

… role in film
My first experience on a film set was as a runner. My main job was to transfer hundreds of budgerigars from cardboard boxes into various antique bird cages, then back into the boxes when we wrapped. There was a lot of pecking.

… film idea
The first script I wrote revolved around a group therapy session in a psych ward. It was very moody, very ‘Girl, Interrupted’. The patients were trapped in a room, taunted by a voice over the speaker system.

… memory of cinema
My first cinema memory is really embarrassing. My grandpa took my brother and I to see Rugrats and it was glorious.

Maiah Stewardson with Director Katie Found

… day on the MY FIRST SUMMER set
The first day of the MY FIRST SUMMER shoot was spectacular. The sun was coming up as we were preparing for our first shot, which was Grace wandering through the garden to meet Claudia for the first time. Maiah, who plays Grace, was in full makeup, as was the initial plan, but just as we were about to roll, I looked at the monitor and something didn’t feel right. I pulled Maiah aside and asked if she would feel comfortable going makeup free. She was super open to it, and it really set the precedent for how we approached these two teen characters.

… love
My first love was the pet chickens I had when I was growing up. I remember confiding in them and walking them around the backyard in my doll’s pram. A fox broke into their coop one night and I was heartbroken. I held a funeral for them that night and invited my family. My dad wore his pyjamas with a bowtie and my mum wore her nightie with a string of pearls. I remember making them say what they loved most about each chicken.

… core memory
My first memory is a swarm of dragonflies descending on my brother and I in the backyard. I remember being at the bottom of the slide, screaming. It was like the whole sky turned black.


… proper coffee
My best friend Eleanor and I caught the bus to the local shopping centre after school one day, and decided to officially become Coffee Drinkers. We ordered cappuccinos and added sugar packet after sugar packet. I think we added about 7 each. We felt very grown up.

… poster on wall
Spice Girls.