Fabio Youniss



Director’s Statement:

A Stable for Disabled Horses was inspired by a true story I was told over 10 years ago by a friend. The story always stayed with me as it’s about the human condition, relationships and communication but mainly because it is both beautiful and quite uncomfortable watching someone bare their soul. These are common themes I am attracted to in my work, my next 2 shorts will combine to make this a trilogy, all of them based in one room, claustrophobic, all about lost people looking for way to escape their situation, and find a happier tomorrow. I love the idea that in one room on a single night your whole life and outlook can change forever. I work with actors who work in comedy, whether writing or performing and like actors that can surprise me and find a laugh somewhere I had never thought of. It is inherent to the organic nature of comedy that you often find the best laugh where you least expect it, you just have to be open to the moment. I want my films to be real life comedies; comedy itself is never the star of the film – life is funny, even at the dark despairing moments. I am surprised by the challenging moments in my life I have got through with the help of comedy and I want to reflect these situations, situations we all find ourselves dealing with at some point – and how the love and laughter of others can help us find reason.

-Fabio Youniss