The Mattachine Family begins at a moment of significant change for Thomas (Tortorella). The child he and his husband, Oscar (Di Pace), fostered has been reunited with his birth mother and now the couple have competing ideas about their future. With Oscar away filming a TV show, Thomas embarks on a personal odyssey that connects him to his friends, family, and the past to explore what it means to make a family.

From executive producer Zach Braff (Garden State) and the husband filmmaker team Andy (Director) and Danny Vallentine (Writer), who just had the world premiere of their debut short film, The Mattachine Family is a first-of-its-kind queer story about the universality of love, family, and community. 

The Mattachine Family stars Nico Tortorella (Younger; Apple + City On Fire), Juan Pablo Di Pace (Fuller House; Mamma Mia!), Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek), and features stand out supporting performances from Heather Matarazzo (Scream; Princess Diaries) and Emmy-nominated Carl Clemons Hopkins (Hacks). 

Cast: Nico Tortorella, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Emily Hampshire, Heather Matarazzo, Carl Clemons-Hopkins
Director: Andy Vallentine
Writers: Andy Vallentine, Danny Vallentine
Producers: Andy Vallentine, Zach Braff