The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror

Some things should stay in the closet!

Director: Jaymes Thompson

Writer: Jaymes Thompson

Stars: Michael Soldier, Derek Long, Mari Marks

Product Description

On the eve of the biggest LGBT blowout of the year, five gay and lesbian couples find themselves having to make reservations at the secluded Sahara Salvation Inn. What should have been the party of the century quickly turns into every gay and lesbian’s worst nightmare when they discover that the hotel’s proprietor is a god-fearing gay-basher with a penchant for mincemeat muffins! If that wasn’t bad enough, a snarling, homosexual-eating Republican mutant starts to pick them off, one by one. Feather boas and strap-ons fly when the gays and the freaks go to battle, but who will make it out alive?

  • "Contains all the kitsch chaos of a mardis gras killing spree!"
    -Crud Magazine
  • "Expect blood, gore, and every sexual innuendo you can imagine - all presented in the finest Homovision!"
  • "If your thrills tick list includes tight y-fronts, flashing lesbians and gore're in luck!"
    -Total Film
  • "The kind of out-and-out Sapphic gorefest that Lesbian Vampire Killers wishes it was!"
    -g3 Magazine
  • "Spectacularly silly!"
Cast: Michael Soldier, Derek Long, Mari Marks
Director: Jaymes Thompson
Writer: Jaymes Thompson
Country: USA
Language: English
Format: PAL
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 108 mins
DVD Release Date: 12-10-2009
VoD Release Date: 12-10-2009
DVD Extras: Behind the Scenes Featurette | Outtakes | Music Video | Cast & Crew Commentary