Soundless Wind Chime

"Intricate and dreamlike" - Lock Up Your Daughters

Director: Kit Hung

Writer: Kit Hung

Stars: Yulai Lu, Bernhard Bulling

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Kit Hung’s ethereal and enchanting ode to the early films of Wong Kar Wai sees handsome Ricky, a young gay delivery boy who shuttles back and forth between his restaurant and various bustling Hong Kong locales, on the cusp of a sexual awakening that will change his life forever. One day he is pick-pocketed by the mysterious Pascal, a macho barfly who, after a pang of guilt, decides to return Ricky’s wallet. On the run from his abusive boyfriend, Pascal immediately falls in love with the tender Ricky, and the pair become embroiled in a passionate yet tumultuous relationship. Events are further complicated when Ricky meets Pascal’s twin brother, a revelation that exposes more truths about his lover than Ricky could ever have imagined.

  • "Intricate and dreamlike, director Kit Hung's film bears repeated viewings"
    -Lock Up Your Daughters
  • "An emotional, kaleidoscopic study of love"
  • "Atmospheric and beautifully soundtracked meditation on grief and longing"
Cast: Yulai Lu, Bernhard Bulling
Director: Kit Hung
Writer: Kit Hung
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Format: PAL
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 100 mins
DVD Release Date: 28-02-2011
VoD Release Date: 28-02-2011
DVD Extras: Directors Commentary | The Making of the SoundtrackDeleted Scenes |