Reinventing Marvin

Starring Finnegan Oldfield and Isabelle Huppert.

Director: Anne Fontaine

Writer: Anne Fontaine, Pierre Trividic

Stars: Finnegan Oldfield, Gregory Gadebois, Isabelle Huppert

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Product Description

Reinventing Marvin  tells the true story of Marvin Bijou (rising star Finnegan Oldfield), a young boy from a working-class family in a small village, suffers constant bullying at school and home for being ‘different’ – too sensitive and too feminine. A chance encounter with a drama teacher opens the doors to a world that offers him the chance to escape his situation.

Following Marvin into his mid-twenties as a theatre student in Paris, Fontaine presents a richly layered tale about identity building and transformation. With an exquisite cameo from Isabelle Huppert and great performances from the reliably excellent Vincent Macaigne and Charles Berling, Reinventing Marvin packs a powerful punch.

Cast: Finnegan Oldfield, Gregory Gadebois, Isabelle Huppert
Director: Anne Fontaine
Writers: Anne Fontaine, Pierre Trividic
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 115
DVD Release Date: 28-10-2018
VoD Release Date: 05-11-2018
Cinema Release Date: 14-09-2018