Girls on Film 3 – Goddesses

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GIRLS ON FILM 3 – Goddesses

GIRLS ON FILM returns with eight award-winning short films from around the world. These inspirational shorts made by women, for women, explore female desire, empowerment and the realities of being a woman, a lesbian and a feminist in the modern world.

GODDESS (India, USA, 2017, 13 mins)
Director: Karishma Dev Dube
Independent Tara lives with her conservative mother and her beautiful housemaid Devi. Tara and Devi are attracted to each other but know that acting on their desires could have dire consequences. As their attraction boils over, the pair become reckless…

THE SWEDISH COUSIN (Argentina, 2016, 20 mins)
Directors: Inés Barrionuevo & Augustina San Martín
A few days before her Quinceañera (fifteenth birthday celebration), a cousin Cata has never met arrives at her home. Cata finds her cousin’s view of the world fresh and exciting and, as the girls get closer, she finds herself questioning the traditional values she has been taught.

BABY GRAVY (UK, 2017, 12mins) Director: Marley Morrison
Brona and Alex’s sperm donor is late. As they anxiously await his arrival in the restaurant of an old-fashioned pub on a busy motorway, the couple ponder the implications of what they are about to do.

PUSSY (Poland, 2015, 9 mins, animation)
Director: Renata Gąsiorowska
An engrossing exploration of desire and pleasure as a young woman settles down to an evening alone at home. Her hands start to wander and as she lets go, her body’s desires emerge and take control.

LOVE LETTER RESCUE SQUAD (USA, 2017, 7 mins, documentary) Director: Megan Rossman
“Our history was disappearing as quickly as we were making it.” With that realisation, Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle co-founded the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians. More than 40 years later, Deb must consider the future of the collection.

ONE LAST NIGHT (Israel, 2015, 22 mins)
Director: Kerem Blumberg
Before Orr moves to Berlin, she and Noa celebrate their last night together at a gig in Tel Aviv. When the police arrive, Orr jumps to the help of a friend and both she and Noa are arrested. In the police station Noa and Orr come face to face with the consequences of their actions and the fragility of their relationship.

THE OTHER WOMAN (Senegal 2013, 13 mins)
Director: Marie Ka
When her husband brings a younger second wife into their home, Madeleine is initially reticent. As the two wives get to know each other, an intimacy starts forming between them. Their relationship increasingly develops into more than just being their husband’s wives…

MOMS ON FIRE (Sweden, 2016, 13 mins, animation) Director: Joanna Rytel
Uncomfortable, bored and ready to pop, two pregnant women will do anything they can to escape pregnancy hell. This Teddy award winning short film explores pregnancy and motherhood in a way that is fresh, funny and enlightening.

Language: English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Hebrew, French, Swedish
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 23-07-2018
VoD Release Date: 25-06-2018