“Sex, drugs and indie rock”

In BREAK MY FALL REDUX, lovers Liza and Sally experience three turbulent days that will change their lives forever. As they hover between trying to fix their passionate, but troubled relationship and chasing success with their band, Blanket, emotions finally boil over during a chaotic night at an illegal rave, from which there’s no going back.

Featuring music from top independent UK talent, this is the definitive director’s cut of Kanchi Wichmann’s searing portrait of a tempestuous love affair and an ode to the vibrant, thriving 24-hour party scene of East London’s underground music pubs, queer clubs and cabaret bars.

Cast: Kat Redstone, Sophie Anderson
Director: Kanchi Wichmann
Producers: Kanchi Wichmann, Matteo Rolleri, Billy Wiz