Hail Jayne Mansfield

Goddess? Genius? Satanist?

Have you seen this month’s most talked about documentary Hail Satan? yet? 

Hail Satan? follows The Satanic Temple and its rise in popularity since it was established in 2006, becoming the primary religious Satanic organisation in the world. Formed as a counter religion to the likes of Christianity, Hail Satan?explores the unethical merge between state and religion that has developed in modern America. As a recognised religious organisation The Satanic Temple uses its high profile and often controversial campaigns to promote and preserve secularism.

Often feared in the mainstream due to its links to the Devil, Hail Satan?demonstrates the true ethics behind The Satanic Temple and the positive work they are doing in society – even if at times demonstrations can be a little shocking. The shock, of course, is never more than theatrics to draw attention to the cause.

“Satanism is looking out for the other, because we are the other”

Satanism, as a recognised religious practise, is not a recent phenomenon. In the 1960s the Church of Satan was formed by Anton LaVey, a charismatic leader he gained a celebrity status as well as a celebrity following. One of the most iconic profiles linked to the Church of Satan was Jayne Mansfield who befriended LeVey and reportedly benefited from LaVey’s black magic. 

In our documentary MANSFIELD 66/67 Jayne Mansfield’s final years are played out. Having lived a life in the public eye, Mansfield sought solace in drink, drugs and Anton LaVey. After a series of unfortunate events her life came to an end in a fatal car crash in 1967. Many conspiracy theories followed, was it a curse? Did the devil make her do it? Made to coincide with the 50th anniversary of her death, MANSFIELD 66/67 is a gloriously entertaining, Hollywood Babylon style exploration of the last two years of the life of ‘the first reality TV star’. 

MANSFIELD 66/67 is available on DVD , iTunes and On Demand now.