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Short films – Calling all budding short filmmakers!

At Peccadillo, we look forward to discovering new and daring short films to add to future editions of our acclaimed and globally successful short film compilations BOYS ON FILM and GIRLS ON FILM.

The call to submit short films to Peccadillo is officially open and we want to hear from you.

Is innovation and a thirst for story-telling your middle name? Got an original story to tell? Then send us your short film and it might just be selected for a future edition.

Just send a link to: enquiries.pecapics (at)

Peccadillo’s short films collections


BOYS ON FILM is the iconic Peccadillo short films anthology series featuring award-winning, LGBT-themed short films from every corner of the world. The eighteenth edition of the series includes THE COLOUR OF HIS HAIR, featuring BAFTA-nominated British rising-star  Josh O’Connor (GOD’S OWN COUNTRY). It also includes SILLY GIRL, directed by Hope Dickson Leach (THE LEVELLING) and co-written by GAME OF THRONES’ actress Ellie Kendrick.

Josh O'Connor

Josh O’Connor in THE COLOUR OF HIS HAIR (UK, 2017)

BOYS ON FILM debuted as a six volume short film series on VHS back in the early 90’s and was resurrected by Peccadillo in 2009. Over the years BOYS ON FILM has presented a stunning collection of outstanding, award winning short films from all over the world, including two Oscar winners.

So! There’s no time to waste, get your camera out and show us what you’ve got.


GIRLS ON FILM my be Boys On Film’s little sister, but she is growing quickly and already has a lot to show off. GIRLS ON FILM 1: FIRST DATE was released in 2014 and since then we have set ourselves the challenge to bring the best of lesbian and feminist short films to the world. Diversity is our key word, also in geographical terms. Therefore, the past three editions of Girls On Film have gathered the stories of brave, audacious and strong women from all around the world. India, Senegal, Poland, Algeria, Norway, Argentina are just some of the countries of origin of these stories, but of course, we naturally welcome home-grown talent from Blighty!


Pussy (Poland, 2015)


AM Gallery pic 1 Lautre Femme

The Other Woman (Senegal, 2013)

We can’t wait to unveil more provocative gems made by women, for women and about women. Don’t miss this chance to join the next, exciting  line-up!