Søren Green

Søren directed and co-produced the documentary The Hidden Children in 2013 – a personal film for him as it was partly about his grandparents, who hid a Jewish boy during World War 2. Up until then he had worked mainly as a post-producer for production companies like Danish Documentary, Nordisk Film and Barok FIlm. He began his professional career as an associate producer and post coordinator at Nimbus Film in 2004. In 2011 he left Nimbus to start the company 1201, where he works on his own projects and freelance for other producers.

An Afternoon is Søren’s debut as a narrative director.

En Eftermiddag_6_Credit Jonas Berlin small

Director’s Statement

An Afternoon was born from a desire to take the most simple of settings – two boys hanging out –  and make it into a story. A story, I hope, most people can relate to no matter the background:  Making the first move and taking a chance on love.

Mathias is in love with Frederik and today is the day, where he is going to make his move and declare his feelings for Frederik. But it is hard for Mathis to open up and Frederik is texting with a girl from school. So should he take the chance?

We wanted to create an intimate space around the two boys, so we worked with a warm red and orange lighting surrounding the boys, when they are hanging out in Frederik’s room. In the corners of the room the cool blues of the real world is threatening the space they have created.

Before the actual shooting of the film, the script was written as a collaboration between writer Tomas Lagermand Lundme and me. One morning I woke up with the idea to a story – or not a story as such, but a fraction of a story. A setting. Two boys, one room, one afternoon. I told Tomas about my idea and he wrote the first draft. From there we ping-ponged the story back and forth.

Ulrik and Jacob, the two very talented actors, also played an important part in developing the story. They might not know it, but while hanging out with them before the filming, I got to know them and I could take small parts of their personalities and use those parts in the screenplay and my own understanding of the characters in the film.

– Søren Green

Filmography (Selective):


En Eftermiddag/An Afternoon, 2014 (short film, director)

The Hidden Children, 2013 (documentary, also producer with Ditte Ross)


Bad Boy Breathing, 2014 (documentary)

Three Summers, 2007 (short film)