Sophy Holland

Sophy Holland is a British-born Director in NYC who started her career as a Creative Director in the fashion editorial and advertising world. She has worked on a variety of motion projects such as commercials for Wella, Davidoff and Zegna, and fashion films for Vogue, Details and her own fine art mood videos.

{Brace} is her directorial debut in the short film narrative genre.

Brace10 trimmed small

{Brace}  Director’s Statement

{Brace}  spoke to me on many levels when I read the script. First of all, being British, I have seen firsthand what gang culture is like in London. I also grew up wit the club scene out there and knew exactly how this film would look before I shot it.

In addition, the script was fascinating to me and I wanted to shoot this very honest and emotional storyline in the most beautiful way possible. Light and colour were paramount and I wanted every frame to show the vibrancy of the city and the nightlife, even in the most brutal of scenes.

{Brace} is a story that needs a voice – not just for those who are affected by the issues day to day, but also to educate the masses and enlighten everyone on the rising statistics regarding hate crime.

Sophy Holland