Rafael Aidar

Rafael Aidar graduated in Cinema at FAAP in São Paulo. After graduation, he combined video and photography in his work for independent projects. In 2008 he took a 16 month trip to four Latin American countries, where he had the chance to photograph his journey. He produced around 30 thousand images.

Back in Brazil in 2010, Rafael wrote the script for THE PACKAGE. He currently works freelance in the film and video industry, while developing personal projects including new films and a photography book.


THE PACKAGE (O Pacote) Director’s Statement


Recent research suggests that, in spite of countless campaigns, easier access to information and prevention, the spread of HIV infection is still recurrent specially when it comes to teenagers, main target of such campaigns. In order to tackle this contemporary theme, I decided to present this universe not only as a portrait or reflection of a situation, but I went deeper.

In order to portray the problems and universe of young gays in the contemporary city of São Paulo, this short-film is not targeting a specific or restrict audience. Quite the opposite, the guiding principle I used to construct the narrative was one that could enable it to expand its circulation among different audiences, different social strata, ages and sexual identities.

To talk about love and other aspects of our human nature, I centred the narrative around a love relationship between two people.

In my point of view, O PACOTE is an objective and opportune work. A register based on respect and on the sensitivity to deal with such a strong, relevant and tactful theme nowadays, in São Paulo or in the whole world.

Rafael Aidar