Grant Scicluna

Grant Scicluna, born in Sydney, Australia in 1980, is the director of the shorts Golden Girl, Colin The Dog, Neon Skin, which won the NFSA’s inaugural Orlando Award for Best Short Film at Sydney’s Mardi Gras Film Festival, and Fast Lane. He is the Producer of the short film Fugue which played the Berlin Film Festival, winning the Panorama Award in 2004. He completed an internship with Bruce Beresford on the feature film Mao’s Last Dancer and is a graduate of RMIT Screenwriting, where he won the Institute Award, and SpArta Award for Best Creative Arts Student. With producer, Jannine Barnes, Grant has recently completed the short film, The Wilding, which was developed through Screen Australia’s Springboard program. Grant has written a feature film project “Scratch the Surface” which is currently in late development.