Dustin Shroff

Dustin Shroff has worked in the television and film industry for nearly a decade. After graduating with an advertising degree from the University of Oklahoma, Dustin moved to New York City and was accepted into the NBC Page Program. He has since worked for Trio, Bravo, WNBC, and NBC News London. Since moving to Austin in 2009, Dustin has worked on numerous film and television projects, including Friday Night Lights, Spy Kids 4, The Bounceback, and Hellion. He also co-produced and production designed the film Yeah Kowalski! He currently works as a production designer and art director in Austin. Dustin is a queer filmmaker and has made it a priority throughout his career to tell the stories of the GLBTQ community. Deflated is his first live-action film and the first film in his Broken Arrow series: a group of stories exploring gender and sexuality through the eyes of Chris, a boy growing up in the suburban sprawl of the American Bible Belt.


Director’s Statement:

Deflated is a story that I hope opens up a dialogue on gender issues and what it means to grow up in a society where something as simple as a boy choosing a pink ball carries so much shame.

When writing this story, I knew there was only one outcome for its ending. It is not the most popular choice, but I stand by it because I believe there is significant work that needs to be done in the fight for LGBT rights.

-Dustin Shroff