Mixed Messages

One year single in the Berlin queer scene – how hard can it be?

Director: Kanchi Wichmann

Writer: Kanchi Wichmann

Stars: Alana Lake, Cleo Jacobe

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Product Description

One year single on the Berlin Lesbian Scene, how hard can it be?

Ren is on the hunt for romance, but in a world of tinder and zero commitment, getting lucky has never been harder. Full of relatable misadventures, MIXED MESSAGES is a frank, witty and cringe-worthy tale of looking for love in all the wrong places. From speed-dating, to meditation and even a kinky workshop, each unsuccessful liaison leads to her asking the ultimate question: is it me or them?

Written and Directed Kanchi Wichmann (Break My Fall)


Cast: Alana Lake, Cleo Jacobe
Director: Kanchi Wichmann
Writer: Kanchi Wichmann
Country: UK / Germany
Language: English
Format: PAL
Running Time: 67 mins
DVD Release Date: 21-11-2017
DVD Extras: Web Episodes / Interviews with Director & star.