The Beach Boys Bundle

Own Futuro Beach, Drown and The Way He Looks for only £9.99.

Directors: Karim Ainouz, Dean Francis, Daniel Ribeiro

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Own Futuro Beach, Drown and The Way He Looks for only £9.99.*


Futuro Beach Dir. Karim Aniouz

The spectacular but treacherous Futuro Beach provides the backdrop to this vibrant film featuring an electrifying soundtrack including David Bowie’s Heroes and Suicide’s Ghost Rider.

When Brazilian lifeguard, Donato saves German biker, Konrad from drowning, the pair immediately form a strong sexual bond. Their passionate affair intensifies, and Donato decides to leave his mother and younger brother Ayrton behind, to start a new life with Konrad in Berlin.

Years later, Ayrton arrives in Berlin to demand answers. His unexpected arrival forces all three men to confront their past.

Drown Dir. Dean Francis

Len is a lifesaving champion, a legend in his lifetime. But when the younger, faster and fitter Phil arrives at the club and saves a young boy on his first day, it seems Len is no longer on top of his game.

His confused feelings for Phil cause him to react violently and when Phil wins the annual Sydney Lifesaving competition; a competition Len has won five times previously, he finally comes face to face with a fundamental question, will he accept the truth about his identity or will he ultimately drown?

The Way He Looks Dir. Daniel Ribeiro

Leonardo and Giovana are best of friends, like all teenagers they yearn for more independence from their parents, dream of going abroad and to experience love’s first kiss. Gabriel, the new boy at school quickly becomes friends with them both, but ultimately three becomes a crowd. Being blind, who will Leonardo give his first kiss to?   THE WAY HE LOOKS is the debut feature length film from award-winning film-maker, Daniel Ribeiro, who won the Iris Prize for the short film I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK ALONE, which THE WAY HE LOOKS was based upon.

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Directors: Karim Ainouz, Dean Francis, Daniel Ribeiro
Certificate: Futuro Beach: 15 The Way he Looks: 15 Drown: 18
DVD Bundle Release Date: 08-12-2017