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Peccadillo Pictures
Peccadillo Pictures
Peccadillo Pictures
Release Date:
26th January 2009
Patrick McGuinn
Cert: TBC
John Ort, Gregory Marcel, George Stoll
Featurette: ‘Catching Sun Kissed’, Deleted Scenes
Sun Kissed

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Young, handsome and inquisitive novelist Teddy sets out into the American desert to clear his mind and cure his writer’s block. Upon arriving at his agent’s isolated house he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Leo, a mysterious lodger who helps him settle in. Before long, the pair indulge in a night time bout of alcohol-induced friskiness, which soon enough leads to them waking up the following morning, side by side. Thus Teddy and Leo enter into a steamy affair, yet amongst the oases and windswept dunes all is not as it seems. As Leo is plagued by dark visions of murder and violence, Teddy begins to question not only Leo’s true identity, but his own grasp on what is real and what is fiction...

“The cinematography is as gorgeous as the leads” – San Francisco Bay Times

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Peccadillo Pictures
Peccadillo Pictures
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